ħLost Dueling Groundsħ
Millenium Items

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Millenium Puzzle - Used by Yugi, activates when Yugi is challenged to a duel or when Yugi is in a situation in which the puzzle should be used. When activated Yugi becomes Yami Yugi.


Millenium Ring- This item is owned by Ryou Bakura. This gives the user an evil alter ego. This item finds other Millenium Items and is able to use them.


Millenium Anhk- This item is owned by Shadi. This item lets you see into ones heart and mind to see a persons personality.


Millenium Scale- This item is owned by Shadi.The Millenium Scale judges people if the owner asks a question, the person must answer sincerely, or the person is punished.


Millenium Tauk- This item is owned by Ishtal Isis. The Millenium Tauk allows you to see into the future, but another Millenium Item may change that


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