ħLost Dueling Groundsħ
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Episode # 1 - The Heart of the Cards
The 1st show starts off with Yugi battling Joey. Yugi wins as usually and Yugi offers Joey a lesson in Duel Monsters with his Grandfather. At Grandpa's shop, Yugi's grandfather shows the group the rare card, Blue Eyes White Dragon. Suddenly Kaiba shows up and offers Grandpa tons of money for the card. When Grandpa did not accept, Kaiba challenged him and so Grandpa was forced to go to KaibaCrop to battle and lose. Grandpa lost his Blue Eyes White Dragon, which Kaiba then tore into piece, and it was Yugi's turn to battle for the sake of his Grandpa. The battle was going along fine until Yugi found out that Kaiba had the other three Blue Eyes White Dragon cards and all three of them were on the field. Yugi then realized that he had 4 pieces of Exodia and only needed one more piece of the puzzle in order to release the Ultimate Monster. By believing in the cards and his Grandfather's hope, Yugi assemble all the pieces of Exodia and won the match against Kaiba, the Duelist Master.
  Episode # 2 - The Gauntlet Is Thrown
This show begins with Tea beating Joey in Duel Monsters for 5 times in a row. After long hard training with Grandpa, Joey actually finishes 8th in the regional champions. The setting then goes to Yugi living room as he and his friend watch Rex Raptor battle Weevil on television. Weevil was able to win with a trap card. Just then, Yugi remembers a package that came in today. It was from Maximillion Pegasus. Inside was a dueling glove and two star chips along with an invitation to the Duelist Kingdom and a video. Yugi popped the video into the TV and engaged in a battle with Maximillion Pegasus. There was a 15 minute time limit and when Yugi was about to win, the time ran out and Yugi lost. With the Millennium Eye, Pegasus took Grandpa's soul and Yugi now must go to the Duelist Kingdom to regain his Grandfather back. Pegasus created the Duelist Tournament in order to draw in the holders of the Millennium pieces.
Episode # 3 - Journey to the Duelist Kingdom
Joey receives a letter from his sister, Serenity. She was born with very poor sight and could go blind very soon. Joey loves her very much and decides to go to the Duelist Kingdom to battle and win the two million dollar prize. With this money, he could then pay for a surgery that will help serenity. So it was set, Yugi and Joey were now going to both enter the Duelist Kingdom competition and win for their loved ones. However, Joey couldn't board the ship leaving to the Duelist Kingdom because he wasn't invited so Yugi gives Joey a star chip so he can board. They are both at a disadvantage because they both only have one star chip while everyone else has two. Tea and Tristan also board the ship by taking the sneaky approach. Later that evening, Mai is complaining about her room and battles Rex raptor for his room and wins by using some fake ESP. Weevil also asked Yugi permission to see the legendary Exodia and was granted this. He found a way to beat it and that was to destroy the cards so they can never be used against him in a battle. Weevil threw the pieces of Exodia into the ocean and Joey jumps in to try to retrieve the pieces but fails. The next day, the group arrives at the Duelist Kingdom.
Episode # 4 - The Ultimate Great Moth (a.k.a. Into the Hornet's Nest)
Now that the gang are at the Duelist Kingdom, Pegasus explains the rules of the competition and lets all of the duelist free to wander and battle as they please. Those with 10 star chips in their possession will move on to the finals. Yugi and his friends wander into the forest and spots Weevil. Yugi challenges Weevil for what he did on the ship. They battled greatly and when it came down to the final points, Yugi used water and electricity to win over Weevil's bug type monsters. Yug now has 3 star chips and 7 more to go.
Episode # 5 - First Duel!
The friend are wandering around again wondering about how Joey will do when he battles. Just then they see a kid complaining about how Mai cheats and know the cards faced down. Mai see the gang and challenges Joey because he only had one star chip. Joey accepted and battled blind because Mai tricks made him hesitate about his strategy. Mai then used a magic card to multiply her cards, but with some thinking and the help of Yugi's borrowed cards form aboard the ship, Joey caught on to Mai's tricks. Mai used perfume on the cards and by smelling the different scents, she was able to tell which card was which. Joey then regained confidence and used the Time Wizard to transform a Baby Dragon to Thousand Dragon and to make Mai's Harpies Ladies older.
Episode # 6 - Attack from the deep
Everyone was hungry until they spotted some fish cooking. Yugi and his friend were stuffing their faces until Tsunami a water duelist came out and caught them eating. He allowed them to continue eating when he saw Yugi, but in return Yugi must battle Tsunami. The field that they battled on as half land and half sea. The land soon turned into more water, but in the end Yugi won when he destroy the moon that he placed out himself. Since the moon controls the waves and tide of the ocean, destroying it dried up the sea and beached Tsunami's monsters making Yugi the winner,
Episode # 7 - Everything is Relative
Pegasus plans on taking complete control of Kaiba Corp and in order to do so he must get rid of Kaiba and take advantage of his brother, Mokuba. Also, to make his plan even better, he sends out a fake Kaiba to battle Yugi. The fake Kaiba has all the cards as the real Kaiba's deck. Meanwhile, the real Kaiba is in a secret computer room trying to hack into the Duelist Kingdom's computer main frame to help Yugi and avoid losing Kaiba Corp. Can you believe that the password to the Duelist Kingdom was Pegasus!!! Now just as Kaiba reaches the mainframe, Yugi is up against a Blue Eyes White Dragon!
Episode # 8 - Duel with a Ghoul
The battle between Yugi and the fake Kaiba continues. The real Kaiba and the Duelist Kingdom's computers are battling it out by hacking into each others computers and working their way through to find the area in which Yugi is located. Kaiba finds the field just as a Blue Eyes White Dragon is about to attack Yugi. Yugi was able to buy sometime by using the Magical Hats magic card. Just as The Blue Eyes White Dragon began to attack, his attack points began to lower dramatically as the real Kaiba uploaded a virus. In the end, Kaiba had to run away to avoid getting caught, but he helped Yugi enough to make Yugi victor. The fake Kaiba was actually a spirit from the demon realm that possessed Kaiba in the 1st episode. With the help of Yugi's shadow powers, the demon was returned back to the realm and was sealed there.
Episode # 9 - Give up the Ghost
Mai spots Rex Raptor and makes herself visible to get his attention. Rex Raptor then challenges Mai to seek revenge for kicking him out of his room. Mai said she will accept only if Rex defeats Joey in a battle. Meanwhile, Joey receives a card from Tristan and says he doesn't need any help or pity from his friends. Then, Rex Raptor challenges Joey and he accepts but he must receive no help from his friends or else he'll be disqualified. Joey still accepts and begins the battle very overconfident and then drifts off into the unsure world. At times, he accidentally defeats one of Rex's monsters but in the end, it was the friendship of Tristan and his card that helped him with the battle.
Episode # 10 - The Dueling Monkey
The battle between Joey vs. Rex Raptor continues. Joey defeats Rex's monsters on the field but just then, Rex Raptor sends out his strongest dragon card, the Red Eyes Black Dragon. This card is the natural rival on the Blue Eyes White Dragon. How was Joey supposed to win? His only choice was to use time warp with the Time Wizard. This is like roulette. The Time Wizard's wand spins and the two choices are a time machine, which will speed up time and a skull, which will hurt Joey's life points. With luck and hope, the pointer lands on a time machine and turns the Red Eyes Black Dragon into a fossil. When Joey won, he also got the card along with his two star chips. After a long day on battling the gang sets up tent for the night and runs not Mai who offers them food. Then she goes off and is captured by a evil spirit. Then, Yugi and his friends met Bakura, who challenges Yugi to a battle. Bakura then used the evil spirit inside the Millennium Ring to send Yugi and his friends to the shadow realm. What is Bakura up to? To be continued....
Episode # 11 - Trial by Red Eyes
Joey duels valiantly, but Rex Raptor has unleashed his secret weapon: the Red Eyes Black Dragon! Joey must figure out the secret of the card Yugis gift, the Time Wizard card, without YugiS help or hes taking the next boat out of the Duelist Kingdom!
Episode # 12 - Evil Spirit of the Ring
Yugis classmate Bakura, possessed by his Millennium Rings dark powers, traps Yugi and friends in a Shadow Game where they become the cards themselves! Not only must Yugi battle to avoid becoming a permanent part of the card game, but also free Bakura's soul from the Millennium Rings control!
Episode # 13 - Panik Attack
Pegasuss hired duelist Panik cheats Mai of all her star chips, and Yugi vows to defeat him and win them back. But when Panik's Castle of Dark Illusions enshrouds his monsters in a black mist, how can Yugi defeat an enemy he cannot see?
Episode # 14 - Scars of Defeat
Kaiba descends to the kingdom to face Pegasus! Has Kaiba changed since his battle with Yugi, or is he still the same merciless duelist? A battle between Kaiba's Blue Eyes White Dragon and Joey's Red Eyes Black Dragon holds the answers!
Episode # 15 - Arena of Lost Souls (Part 1)
The #1 American duelist Bandit Keiths gang kidnaps Joey to a secret cave with a Graveyard playing field. As Yugi and friends search for him, faces Bandit Keith's zombie monsters which become stronger as they return from the grave! Joey is all alone in the battle this time!
Episode # 16 - Arena of Lost Souls (Part 2)
Joeys last ditch effort, his lucky Time Wizard card, fails against Bandit Keiths zombie monsters. But as his lucky streak comes to an end, will his improving skills as a duelist and his love for his sister inspire him to victory?
Episode # 17 - Double Trouble (Part 1)
Trapped in the labyrinth cave, Yugi and friends find an alternate exit, but the door is guarded by Pegasuss Paradox Brothers. Yugi and Joey will no longer be battling solo; they band together in a team battle against the Paradox Brothers! The battle for all the star chips and entrance to Pegasuss castle is on the line!
Episode # 18 - Double Trouble (Part 2)
Yugi and Joey pool their strengths and manage to fend off their opponents monsters, but things are about to change as the Paradox Brothers summon the almighty Gate Guardian, a monster that reflects all attacks! Is Joey helping Yugi in this duel, or his lack of experience sealing their fate for defeat?
Episode # 19 - Double Trouble (Part 3)
Yugi and Joey each unleash their strongest monster, the Summoned Skull and the Red Eyes Black Dragon, but their strength pales in comparison to the tremendous power of the Gate Guardian. Individually, our heroes have no chance, but they will unleash the greatest power of all: teamwork!
Episode # 20 - Face off (Part 1)
Using the magic of the Millennium Eye, Pegasus traps Mokubas soul inside a card right before Kaibas eyes! In order to earn the right to challenge Pegasus, Kaiba must first beat Yugi and take his star chips. The rematch between Yugi and Kaiba is about to begin!
Episode # 21 - Face off (Part 2)
Kaiba summons the Blue Eyes Ultimate Dragon, the strongest monster in the game fused from three Blue Eyes White Dragons! Yugi has lost all his powerful Duel Monsters, but a true duelist never gives up!
Episode #22 - Face off (Part 3)
Yugi begins spinning a strategy to put the Blue Eyes White Dragon to rest,, but he must decide whether to claim victory or spare Kaiba his life. Yugis heart is split in two!

Episode # 23
- Shining Friendship
Having lost his star chips to Kaiba and his only opportunity to save Grandpa, Yugi is in a state of shock. Can Tea bring Yugi back to consciousness by defeating Mai for her extra star chips and teach Yugi the heart of the duelist?
Episode # 24 - Champion vs. Creator, Part 1
Kaiba was already in side Pegasus's castle and was getting ready to duel Pegasus. Kaiba wanted to use his new device to play play Pegasus but Pegasus wanted to play mind games with Kaiba so he brought out his souless brother out to use the device. Then Kaiba let Pegasus use his arena instead, because Kaiba didn't want to face his brother in a duel. Kaiba ends up facing Pegasus's toon monsters.
Episode # 25 - Champion vs. Creator, Part 2
Having the advantage of looking at the opponents cards through his millenium eye, Pegasus beat Kaiba really bad. He even uses Kaiba's favorite Blue Eyes White Dragon against him, but not only did he use the BEWD, he turned it into a toon monsters! Kaiba was then souless as he had bet Pegasus.

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