ħLost Dueling Groundsħ
Yu-Gi-Oh Movie

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This is how the movie goes. It starts with three young duelists at a old woman's shop checking out the Duel Monsters cards they just bought. They all get junk cards and are about to leave until a boy named Shingo walks in. He is a shy kinda kid that hasnt won at Duel Monsters yet. They taunt him for a while before leaving. The old woman beckons him inside and he start to decide on a pack to buy. He finds one he likes and buys it and opens it up. Inside on the top is a Kuriboh and then next card down is a Red Eyes Black Dragon. Shingo and the old womanare shocked he got such a rare card and she explains that the Blue Eyes White Dragon brings victory, but the Red Eyes Black Dragon brings the potential for victory, nothing more, even though it is a powerful card.

It then switches to the music of the opening of the original Yu-Gi-Oh opening, which can be found in the movie clips section. Yugi and his friends, Joey/Journochi, Tristan/Honda, Tea/Anzu and Miho, a young girl about Tea's age with greenish hair and the usual school uniform. They're walking around and there's a scene where they walk in on Tea at her job and her skirt is riding kinda high. Anyway, they eventually come to a place that looks like a dueling parlor and Yugi and his friends go inside. Just as they go in and Journochi and Yugi begin to duel, Shingo walks past the parlor and looks in and goes on but then gets stopped by the same three youngsters that were in the shop.

Inside, Yugi and Joey are dueling and explaining the game to Miho until Yugi notices Shougo and runs outside to help him out.

Outside, the youngsters are trying to get Shougo to duel them but he refuses, saying that he's too strong for them. They ask how and he says because he has the Red Eyes Black Dragon in his deck. Everyone in the parlor hears and drops their cards, even Journochi and Yugi are shocked. The youngsters don't believe him and shougo shows them the card and runs away, saying that since he has the strongest card, he is undefeatable. Anzu walks over to Yugi and says that she knew that Shougo was challenged to duel yesterday but he declined. She is sure that he would win if he dueled, Yugi says that Shougo has never won a duel before because he is afraid of losing. Journochi says if you cannot fight, then you arent a true duelist.

The scene switches to one with Seto Kaiba, still pissed that he lost to Yugi, watching the events in the dueling parlor. He hears about the Red Eyes Black Dragon and decides to make a tournament so that he can get that card and get a chance to duel Yugi again. He thinks of how Yugi is the worlds only undefeated duelist and how he wants to fight him.

The scene switches to one with Shougo at the park, thinking about his Red Eyes Black Dragon. He realizes that everyone thinks he's a powerful duelist with that card in his deck and that no one can stop him with that card. Then he remembers the old woman's words of how a Blue Eyes White Dragon brings victory, but a Red Eyes brings the potential for victory and how only those with a fighting spirit can fully use any card, including Red Eyes.

Later that night, Yugi finds a envelope stuffed in the door of his Grandfather's game shop inviting him to that tournament. From the way i understand it, it will work like a round-robin tournament, the winner of the duel wins a card of his opponent's and gets to duel the next competitor. It will go this way until all the invited duelists have dueled and there is one winner. Shougo has also revieved an invitation as well.

Journochi is walking with Yugi the next day and is not happy about not being invited to the tournament. Then they see Shougo running past them with a guy in a suit behind him (he looks exactly like the one security guy of Pegasus' with the hair like Tristan's). The guy nabs Shougo but Journochi grabs his arm and tells Yugi to hide with Shougo while he takes care of the suit.

Yugi and Shougo run into an alley where they hide. Yugi asks why Shougo doesnt duel and he says because there's no point since he would surely win. Yugi asks if he really likes the way he's doing this and if this is his dream as a duelist. Shougo doesnt care because he's powerful with Red Eyes in his deck but Yugi asks if he really believes that. Then they are discovered by another suit and Yugi asks why they are after Shougo and they say that attendance to the tournament, that he and Shogo have been invited to by Kaiba, is MANDATORY.

The scene switches to Journochi looking for Yugi and Shougo and when he finds them, they're beaten up and very ruffeled. Yugi has lost his Millenium Puzzle and Shougo lost his Red Eyes Black Dragon. Shougo is in disbelief because he figures that without Red Eyes, he's a loser again. Journochi runs after the guy that took the card and the puzzle and finds him at the stadium where the tournament is being held. He starts to fight against the suit that took the card and the puzzle.

Meanwhile in the stadium, Kaiba has beaten a duelist that looks a lot like Taylor Luki/Rex Raptor. Kaiba is waiting on Yugi and isnt interested in anyone else.

Yugi and Shougo find Journochi and he gives Shougo back his Red Eyes. Its a little beat up and has some of Journochi's blood on it. Yugi and Journochi agree that what Kaiba did is unforgivable. Journochi asks Shougo if he plans to defeat Kaiba with Red Eyes or if he can possibly win without fighting. Shougo confesses that he is afraid of losing. Even if he has Red Eyes Black Dragon, it does him no good if he loses. If he doesnt fight he can always think he's a strong duelist and not have to fight. Journochi asks if he really wants to become a duelist and Shougo says yes and tries to run off, but as he does, he knocks his deck and Yugi's to the ground. Yugi volunteers to fight Kaiba. He cannot accept the way Kaiba is forcing others to duel. Journochi wants Shougo to at least watch the fight so he can see Yugi beat Kaiba.

Yugi walks into the stadium and is ready to duel. Kaiba is waiting and flips him his Millenium Puzzle. Yugi says that his way is unforgivable and transforms into Yami Yugi. (This transformation is a lot sweeter than the one that Yugi has in the series) Yami Yugi and Kaiba square off and Kaiba snaps his fingers, making the dueling table disappear and the stadium floor transforms with two platforms rising. The platforms have the duel disk wrist unit on them without the disk and both players slide theirs on and insert their decks. Kaiba draws five cards and tosses them into the air and five holographic cards appear in front of him. Yami Yugi does the same. Instead of life points, there are life point bars behind each opponent.

Yami Yugi plays his Damned Dragon/Curse of Dragon (2000/1500) and Kaiba plays a Dark something (1500/2100) in def. mode (I never seen the card). Yami Yugi sees its useless to attack it so he plays Earth Dragon Veins to power-up Curse of Dragon by 300 points and destroys Kaiba's card. Kaiba doesnt care and its ready for more. Kaiba plays Oxen Head/Battle Ox (1700/1000) in attack mode and Yugi plays Dark Knight Caiya/Gaia The Fierce Knight (2300/1600). After a few blows, Gaia finished Battle Ox, dropping Kaiba down a few LP blocks. Kaiba still isnt concerned and as he draws his next card, he declares voctory and plays Blue Eyes White Dragon (3000/2500) and anniliahates Gaia. Yami Yugi draws his next card and plays Dark Pharmacist/Dark Magician (2500/2100) along with Magic Silk Cap/Magical Hats. The hats conceal the Dark Magician and begin to shuffle themselves and Yami Yugi places a trap card in there too. Kaiba isnt afraid and attack the far left hat, which is not the Dark Magician but the trap card Incantation of Black Cross Star/unknown. It reduces Blue Eyes attack power enough so that Yami Yugi calls out his Dark Magician to destroy the weakened Blue Eyes.

Journochi cheers for Yami Yugi but Kaiba reminds him that there are three Blue Eyes White Dragons, and he has them all and plays another one to destroy Dark Magician. Kaiba is pleased and tells Yugi to throw out his next card. Yami Yugi knows that he has no monster to defeat it in his hand or in his deck so he plays Elk Swordsman/Celtic Guardian in def. Kaiba says that he has been waiting a long time to defeat him and now his wish will become a reality. Kaiba calls out his next card Devil Chain/unknown, then plays Reviving Card/Monster Reborn for his first Blue Eyes White Dragon and plays the last Blue Eyes from his hand. Then the effect of Devil Chain kicks in as it chains the three Blue Eyes together by the neck. Kaiba explains that Devil Chain allows him to use multiple monsters to attack at one time and destroys Elk Swordsman.

Journochi watches and sees what a bad situation Yami Yugi is in. Shougo says that its already hopeless.

Yami Yugi plays his next card Louise/Beaver Warrior in def and Kaiba slaghters it. Kaiba says Yugi will never win no matter what he does and tells him to throw out his next card. Yugi draws from his deck and eyes the card suspiciously and places it into his holographic hand. Shougo is already seeing Yami Yugi getting beaten and gets up to leave but Journochi grabs him. Shougo complains that the game is already over but Journochi says that the game is his too. Then he points out the card that Yami Yugi played into his hand, which has blood on it. It's Shougo's Red Eyes Black Dragon card.n He explains that when he dropped it, he placed it into Yami Yugi's deck. Shougo wants to know why and Journochi says that he cannot change that he didnt want to fight but to hold onto his dream of becoming a duelist. Yami Yugi realizes that Journochi is trying to teach Shougo the right way to fight.

Yami Yugi plays Devil Calling/Summoned Skull in defense and it too is wiped out by the three Blue Eyes. Card after card is destroyed by Kaiba and Shougo wonders whats the point in playing Red Eyes and journochi answers that Yami Yugi will not play it if Shougo doesnt have a fighting spirit. Yami Yugi knows that this card is the key to winning but it depends on if Shougo is willing to fight or not. Yami Yugi then plays Small Planet Dragon/?Meteor Dragon? in def. Kaiba asks how he can call himself a duelist with such a passive fighting technique. Kaiba decides to end it now and plays Unguard Magic/Stop Defense to bring his Meteor Dragon into attack mode. This ends Kaiba's turn and he dares Yami Yugi to attack and end it now.

Journochi tells Shougo that it all depends on his card now for Yugi to win. Shougo asks whats the point if it cant defeat the three Blue Eyes and it will surely get taken and he'll become the loser he was. Shougo then remembers when Yugi asked him if he was really satified with the way he dueling.

Kaiba tells Yami Yugi its over but Yami Yugi will never give up even if there is no chance for him to win.

These words stike into Shougo and he again remembers what the old woman said about Red Eyes having the possibility to win but only in strong fighters with a fighting spirit. Journochi says that dreaming of power will not bring you power, you have to take it for yourself. The movie shows a tense moment when everyone is looking at Kaiba and Yami Yugi and the very outcome of the duel rests on Shougo. Its then that he makes the decision...


Shougo yells to his card and the card begins to shake. Kaiba is stupified and Yami Yugi explains that that was all he was waiting for and summons the Red Eyes Black Dragon. Yami Yugi quotes the old woman while everyone is watching Red Eyes but Kaiba knows that one Red Eyes can beat three Blue Eyes. Yami Yugi plays another card, merge/polymerization. Yami Yugi explains that this is the possibility of the red Eyes Black Dragon and fuses both Red Eyes and the Meteor Dragon into the Black Demon Dragon!? Shougo watches hiw own card happily as it makes the transformation. Then it begins a slow descent toward the three Blue Eyes. As this is happening the old womans words are running through Shougo head, that the card with possibility is hidden somewhere. If you can find it depends on your fighting spirit. Just then, the Black Demon Dragon crashes into the three Blue Eyes and destroys them all, along with Kaiba's Life Points.

Kaiba is walking away from the arena when he stops and says that this game isnt over. Yugi is his only worthy fighting opponent and that he wont stop until he has defeated him. Yami Yugi only looks on with a small smile on his face as Kaiba walks away. Journochi rushes Yami Yugi, congratulating him on that duel. Yugi says that its all because of him and...

Both Journochi and Yami Yugi look over at Shougo.

"Duelist Shougo's courage." says Yami Yugi.


The Yu-Gi-Oh Movie
Length: approx. 30 minutes
Format: DVD subtitled - Rating: 3/5
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This movie is rather shocking since it is only 1/2 hours long.

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