ħLost Dueling Groundsħ
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Episode Previews
Episode 21

First Japanese Yu-Gi-Oh Opening-This movie clip is in a Real Media format but the quality is very nice to me. The song, if i understand it right, is called Voice by a group called Cloud. I have never heard of such a group but i like the song. A real hit for J-pop fans!

First Series Yu-Gi-Oh Opening-As it turns out, there were two series that were produced. This intro was from the first one, and it seemed to deal with another game called Dungeon Dice Monsters as well as Duel Monsters. If you looked at both intros you could see the small differences in the animation and this other girl that i have yet to identify. Check it out!

Summoning God Of Osiris-Right here is a clip from the Battleship part of Yu-Gi-Oh and Yami Yugi is fighting Yami Bakura. Yugi is against the wall and goes to his deck and draws Saint Dragon The God of Osiris. Also you can catch a small glimpse of the Black Magician Girl in this shot too.

Yami Bakura-This is a nice shot of the evil side of the Millenium Ring, Yami Bakura, in a duel. I love just how evil he looks in his yami form but so innocent in his regular form.

Osiris Attacks-Here is another shot of Osiris gearing up to attack Yami Bakura for the final blow in a match between him and Yami Yugi on the Battleship.

Joey Attacks Yami Yugi-In this duel, what is basically being said is that Malik took control of Joey with the Millenium Rod and used him to duel Yami Yugi. Here he attacks him with the direct damage card Hinotama/Fireball. You see here why they call it DIRECT DAMAGE. Also, it seems that these types of cards are forbidden in the series. I can just imagine why...

Malik Controls Joey-Malik continues to torment Joey. In it, Malik is telling Joey to kill Yugi, but Joey fights back. Finally Malik takes direct control of Joey's body and uses it to play something called Whirlpool of Death. Just after that, Joey gets control of his body and expells the dark power of the Millenium Rod from him. Expect this one to never be seen in the US...

Summoning The Chaos Soldier-Yugi has his back against the wall. Mai is just about to knock off all his life points until he draws the card he needs, the Chaos Soldier Ceremony. Gaia the Fierce Knight and Kuriboh are sacrificed to bring out this card (3000/2500). One of the most powerful cards in the game right here!

Harpy Ladies Pet Dragon-During this duel, Mai was handing Yami Yugi a humiliating defeat. Mai's deck revolves around making her Harpy Lady stronger and stronger. This card is the ultimate addition to her Harpy power-ups and it makes Yugi look extremely ignorant when she destroys Summoned Skull so easily.

Yami Yugi Makes A Comeback-Yami Yugi goes back to trusting in his deck and pulls out a magic card called Brain Control. He uses it to take control of Mai's Pet Dragon and loads it onto his Catapault Turtle. He aims it at Harpy Lady which raises her Mirror Wall (Continuous Trap - monster attacking's atk points are halved when this is in play and a monster of your own is attacked.) Yami Yugi launches the dragon at the wall shattering it. BEcause Catapault Turtle can destroy castles, when Yugi attacked Mai's wall, the Pet Dragon lost half its attack power but the remainder was direct damage.