ħLost Dueling Groundsħ
Card Checklist

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Magic Ruler   Pharoah's Servant   Curse of Annubis
MR1 Penguin Knight   PS1 OctoBaza   CA1 Iron Arm Golem
MR2 Black Pendant (R)   PS2 Psyco Kappa   CA2 Three-head Gidou
MR3 Demon's Axe (SR)   PS3 Unicorn's Horn   CA3 Parasite (UR)
MR4 Horn of Light   PS4 labyrinth Horn (SPR)   CA4 7 Card
MR5 Demon's Kiss   PS5 Wall Shadow   CA5 Hand-Sealing Light Sword (SR)
MR6 Hexagram Curse( UR)   PS6 Twin Tail   CA6 Chain Destruction (UR)
MR7 Metal Fish   PS7 Stoen Giant   CA7 Seat of Time
MR8 Electric Snake   PS8 labyrinth Chain   CA8 Tomb Raider
MR9 Queen Bird   PS9 Baptism   CA9 Holy Elf's Blessing
MR10 Amoeba   PS10 Giant Growth (R)   CA10 Eye of Truth
MR11 Kujacku   PS11 Dancer's Ritual   CA11 Desert Cyclone
MR12 Mahar Vairo   PS12 Hamburger Recipe   CA12 Cry of the Living Dead
MR13 Royal Hall Guardian   PS13 House fo Sticky Tape   CA13 Book of Solomon (R)
MR14 Fire kraken   PS14 Mouse Trap   CA14 Land Reformation
MR15 Eevy   PS15 Turtle's Oath   CA15 Holy Javelin
MR16 GuriGuru   PS16 Dancing Soldier   CA16 Silver Screen Mirror Wall (SR)
MR17 Red Dragon   PS17 Hungry Burger   CA17 Gale
MR18 Elder of Deep Dragon   PS18 Crab Turtle   CA18 Blizzard
MR19 Valkyrie   PS19 Dragon Egger   CA19 Gaia's Armor
MR20 Weather Report   PS20 Toon Dragon Egger   CA20 World Peace
MR21 Mechanical Skull   PS21 Toon Mermaid (SR)   CA21 Magic Stone Tablet
MR22 Fire Eating Turtle   PS22 Toon Demon (UR)   CA22 Metal Detector
MR23 Liquid Beast   PS23 Time Bomber (R)   CA23 White Rocket Angel
MR24 Demonic Investigator (SR)   PS24 Diamond Dragon (UR)   CA24 Take advantage
MR25 Lake Merman   PS25 Toon World (UR)   CA25 Forced Takeover
MR26 Royal Throne Infiltrator (SR)   PS26 Cyber Pod   CA26 DNA Modify Operation
MR27 Whiptail Gargoyle   PS27 Light Pursuer (R)   CA27 Racial Trial
MR28 Slot machine AM-7 (UR)   PS28 Big Nezumi   CA28 Backup Members
MR29 Sacrifice (UR)   PS29 Senju God (SR)   CA29 Big Commotion
MR30 Bow-Pulling Mermaid   PS30 UFO Turtle   CA30 Peace Treaty
MR31 Graveyard Familiar   PS31 Stealthy Assassin   CA31 Holy Shine
MR32 Demonic Ritual   PS32 Karate man   CA32 Riteuosness
MR33 Wealthy Goblin   PS33 Dark Zebra   CA33 Imperial Rebellion (SR)
MR34 Toll (R)   PS34 Giant Virus (R)   CA34 Magical Silk Hat (SR)
MR35 Final Battle   PS35 Flying Squirrel (R)   CA35 Messiah of Genocide (R)
MR36 Theft   PS36 Dark Familiar   CA36 Messiah of Annhilation (R)
MR37 Holy Song   PS37 Shine Angel   CA37 Shallow Grave (R)
MR38 Confiscate (R)   PS38 Boar Soldier   CA38 Early Burial (R)
MR39 Mischievous Twin Demons   PS39 Grizzly Mother   CA39 Examine
MR40 Dark Visitor (R)   PS40 Dragon Fly   CA40 Restriction Order (R)
MR41 Angel's Mirror   PS141 Cermony Bell   CA41 Chaos Pot
MR42 Change of Hands   PS42 Sonic Bird   CA42 Flame Killer
MR43 Charge   PS43 Killer Tomato   CA43 Big Burn Dragon
MR44 Reliable Defender   PS44 Kotodama   CA44 Burning Soldier
MR45 Aggressive Guard (SR)   PS45 Gaia Power   CA45 Mr. Volcano
MR46 Magical Chain   PS46 Water World   CA46 Flame Samurai
MR47 Cyclone   PS47 Burning Cloud   CA47 Mental Parasitic Host
MR48 Hurricane   PS48 Desert Storm   CA48 Mecha Falcon
MR49 Tough Choice   PS49 Shine Spark   CA49 Flying Mantis
MR50 Venomous Snake Fang   PS50 Dark Zone   CA50 Bird Man
      PS51 Messenger of Peace (SR)   CA51 Buster Bladder (UR)
      PS52 Blue Eyes Toon Dragon (SCR)   CA52 Android Psycho Shocker 9SCR)






Thousand Eyes Bible


Revival of Black Demons Dragon


Phantom God

TB1 Take You With Me (R)   RB1 Gremlin   PG1 Holy Elf (SR)
TB2 Goblin Grunt   RB2 Fortress-Guard Dragon   PG2 Typhoon
TB3 Gamble   RB3 Demon's Summon (R)   PG3 Lewis
TB4 Melee (R)   RB4 Stone Demon-Ogre Rock   PG4 Dragon Knight Gaia (UR)
TB5 God's Blessing   RB5 Armored Lizard   PG5 Curse of Dragon (SR)
TB6 Evil Spirit's Temptation   RB6 Killer Bee   PG6 Karponara Soldier
TB7 Death Hampster   RB7 Larva Moth (R)   PG7 Giant Stone Soldier
TB8 Dark Bat   RB8 Harpy Lady   PG8 Wild Raptor
TB9 Ghost Tank T-34   RB9 Harpy Lady Triplets (UR)   PG9 Red Eyes Black Dragon (UR)
TB10 Gatling Buggy   RB10 Demon Hunter   PG10 Card Reaper (SR)
TB11 Burning Earth   RB11 Evolution Cocoon (R)   PG11 Demon Death Satan
TB12 Deep Freeze   RB12 Earth Dragon   PG12 Rabuss
TB13 Meteor Strike   RB13 Armored Samurai Zombie   PG13 Hard Armor
TB14 Limit Break   RB14 Dark Mask (R)   PG14 Man-Eater
TB15 Blessed Rain   RB15 Mute Death Angel-Doma   PG15 Magnuts No. 1
TB16 Monster Recall (SR)   RB16 White Thief (R)   PG16 Magnuts No. 2
TB17 Shift Change (UR)   RB17 King of Eyeballs (R)   PG17 Harp Elf
TB18 Egg   RB18 Black Demons Dragon (UR)   PG18 Air Mail
TB19 Worm Hole (R)   RB19 Masked Magician (R)   PG19 Demon Terra
TB20 Sinking Territory   RB20 Sea Serpent   PG20 Killer Panda
TB21 Magic Drain (SR)   RB21 Water Dancer   PG21 Spider Man
TB22 Ant Hell   RB22 Land-Battle Type Bacross   PG22 Dark Napoleon
TB23 Gravity Bind   RB23 Puchi (baby) Moth   PG23 Wandering Mermaid
TB24 Type Zero: Magic Cruncher   RB24 Thousand Prism Mirrors (R)   PG24 Fire Majin
  Seductive Shadow (R)   RB25 Thunder Guardian-Saanga (SR)   PG25 Mage Knight Dragoness
TB26 Legendary Fisherman (SR)   RB26 Wind Guardian-Hyuuga (SR)   PG26 One-Eyed Shield Dragon
TB27 Sword Hunter   RB27 Water Guardian-Suuga (SR)   PG27 Dark Energy (R)
TB28 Tunnel Worm   RB28 Magical Lamp   PG28 Laser Cannon Armor (R)
TB29 Deep Sea Warrior   RB29 Iron Scorpion   PG29 Demon Germs (R)
TB30 Jade Shoe   RB30 Enzell Ears   PG30 Silver Bow (R)
TB31 Spike Head   RB31 Legull   PG31 Dragon's Secret Pearl (R)
TB32 Dark Hypnotist Lucifer (R)   RB32 Large Mouse   PG32 Electric Whip (R)
TB33 Thousand Eyes Evil Cult God (NR)   RB33 Leogon   PG33 Magical Moon (R)
TB34 Thousand Eyes Sacrifice (UR)   RB34 Mr. Bomber (R)   PG34 Disable Defense (R)
TB35 Guillotine Kuwagada   RB35 Android No. 7   PG35 Machinery Upgrade Factory (R)
TB36 Pidgeon Knight   RB36 Saint Magician (SR)   PG36 Body Temperature Rise (R)
TB37 Bomber Bug   RB37 Ancient Elf   PG37 Follow Wind
TB38 4-Star Death Bug   RB38 Deep-Sea Shark   PG38 Goblin's Secret Medicine
TB39 Vic Viper   RB39 God Fish   PG39 Fire Execution
TB40 Vampire Baby   RB40 Destructive Golem   PG40 Sealing Swords of Light (UR)
TB41 Sword-Tusked Beast   RB41 Thunder God's Anger   PG41 Metal Dragon
TB42 Pirate Ship Skull-Blood   RB42 Rainbow Flower   PG42 Spike Seadra
TB43 White Tiger   RB43 Morinfen   PG43 Land Mine Beast
TB44 Goblin Assault Team   RB44 Mega Thunderball   PG44 Sky Hunter
TB45 Island Turtle   RB45 Tongue Fish   PG45 Blue Ninja
TB46 Winged Messenger   RB46 Judgment Queen   PG46 Flower Wolf
TB47 Science Bio-Soldier   RB47 Pale Beast   PG47 Man-Eating Bug (SR)
TB48 Unrest Souls   RB48 Electric Lizard   PG48 Sand Stone
TB49 Death Boomerang   RB49 Hunter Spider   PG49 Hane-Hane (SR)
TB50 Magic Giga-Cyber (UR)   RB50 Golden Lizard Warrior   PG50 Nail
TB51 Iron Knight Gear-Freed (SR)   RB51 Kage-Musha Queen   PG51 Huge Iron Statue
TB52 Anti-Insect Barrier (R)   RB52 Tront   PG52 Leather Dragon
      RB53 Disc Magician   PG53 Demon Plant
      RB54 Hiyousube   PG54 Blood-Thirsty Reptile
      RB55 Siren   PG55 Armored Starfish
      RB56 Fake Trap (R)   PG56 Succubus Knight
      RB57 To Welcome the Dead (SR)   PG57 Magic Cancel (R)
      RB58 Spiritual Release (R)   PG58 Resurrect (UR)
      RB59 Funeral Release (R)   PG59 Pot of Strong Desire (NR)
      RB60 Change of Heart (UR)   PG60 Grave-Digging Ghoul
            PG61 Sealed Exodia's Right Leg (SCR)
            PG62 Sealed Exodia's Left Leg (SCR)
            PG63 Sealed Exodia's Right Arm (SCR)
            PG64 Sealed Exodia's Left Arm (SCR)
            PG65 Sealed Exodia (SCR)

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